NADH Skin Serum 10 ml

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The cosmetic for a young, smooth and glowing skin.

Content: 10 ml (0.34 fl.oz) containing 500 mg NADH

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NADH Skin Serum is a unique cosmetic. The NADH in the Skin Serum ist transported through the skin and produces energy and water. This is all what the skin needs. NADH Skin Serum promotes the blood circulation of the skin. Thus it becomes brighter, firmer and younger. NADH Skin Serum repairs damaged skin cells and energizes ageing ones.

The effect has been clinically tested for ageing spots, teleangiectases, wrinkles and sunburn.


Directions to use: Clean the skin areas before application of the skin serum. Apply 2 to 3 spray shots (about 0.3 - 0.5 ml) NADH Skin Serum and rub it into the skin until it is fully absorbed. 1-2 applications per day are recommended, preferentially in the morning and in the evening.

2 to 3 minutes after the skin serum has been absorbed any other cosmtic can be applied.

Ingredients: Reduced ß-Nicotinamid Adenin Dinucleotid (the coenzyme form of Vitamin B3), INCI 559120. Contains only natural substances. Contains no preservatives, perfume, artificicial colors, sweetener, flavors or animal by-products. 

Stability: The NADH Skin Serum is stable for 2 years when stored in a cool place, preferentially in a refrigerator. After opening the flacon the content should be used up in 6 months.

Side effects: In numerous clinical studies no interactions with other cosmetics or creams have  been reported.


PZN (Pharma Zentral Nummer):

Austria: 4098585

Germany: 10039842


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Additional Info

Lieferzeit 2-3 working days (only valid for EU countries)


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