February 2020



All three of the diseases mentioned above affect the digestive tract.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS for short) is a condition characterised by symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and a feeling of not having a complete bowel movement. It can be caused by stress, intestinal infections, nutrition or, as is often the case, a number of these in combination with a genetic predisposition.


Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory disease in which the large intestine (otherwise known as the colon) is affected in particular. Those affected may suffer from painful, bloody, mucousy diarrhoea up to several times a day and even during night, often with the urge to have a bowel movement at night, with cramp-like, colic-like stomach pains, possibly with slight fever, combined with weight loss and fatigue. In ulcerative colitis, only the intestinal mucosa is affected.


However, in contrast to this you have Crohn’s disease, where the entire intestinal wall is inflamed. It may be based on an autoimmune disease that can occur throughout the entire digestive tract from the oral cavity to the anus. Crohn’s disease usually begins gradually with abdominal pain and diarrhoea, which persists and leads to weight loss. Elevated blood levels of CRP, blood sedimentation rate and leukocytes can confirm the diagnosis. The distinction between ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease can be clarified by a colonoscopy.


Having said that, if you undergo targeted therapy with NADH then this distinction is of secondary importance, as we have received feedback from some of our customers who have said that NADH has helped them a lot with these intestinal problems.


Mr K. reported the following: “I have been suffering with Crohn’s disease for 20 years now and have had persistent diarrhoea and sometimes excruciating stomach pains. I always needed a toilet within a 20m radius as I would not be able to control the urge to pass a bowel movement.Travelling, meeting up with friends or going to work was out of the question. I felt like a prisoner locked up at home.

After taking 2 x 4 NADH tablets every day, I’ve become a new person.

It wasn’t long at all before I was able to pass solid stools again for the first time, I was able to go out of the house again, I gained weight and I have much more energy to tackle life again.

I have rediscovered the JOY OF LIFE and my QUALITY OF LIFE has increased enormously.”


For people who want to feel healthy again or stay healthy!








January 2020

NADH and NAD+ – What is the difference?


The key difference between NADH and NAD+ is that NADH has been shown to enter the cell and increase ATP energy production in the cell.


Consequently, if the cell has more energy, it can produce all molecules necessary for cell regulation in sufficient quantities.


NAD+ does NOT enter the cell and can therefore not form ATP. This has been proven in the study (1). Also the NAD+ precursors such as nicotinamide ribosides or NMN (nicotinamide mono nucleotides) do not pass through the cell membrane because they are both positively charged molecules. These molecules cannot penetrate the cell membrane's lipid layer. This statement is clearly illustrated in the following diagram.



More than 50 scientific studies have been published about the biological functions and therapeutic effects of NADH, and there have also been many studies published about the safety and absence of side effects of NADH (2).


The following facts demonstrate the difference between NADH and NAD+: NAD+ has only been the subject of sporadic scientific studies. To date, a single study on the tolerability of NAD+ has been conducted using 8 (eight) healthy middle-aged people. The unsurprising result was that the 8 participants tolerated NAD+ well (3). Nevertheless, the NAD+ molecules are too large and therefore cannot diffuse through the cell membrane. It is also important to note that NAD+ in its pure form is NOT a nutrient and therefore cannot be taken with food or with food supplements (4).


Clinical studies show that NMN supplements increase NAD+ to a youthful level. NADH, however, is found in many types of food and is available as a dietary supplement around the world. NADH also has at least 3 scientifically proven anti-aging effects (5,6,7). There are 3 main phenomena responsible for aging: (a) Decrease of ATP - energy production in the cells. NADH increases ATP energy production in the cell (1) (b) Damage to the DNA as a result of environmental toxins, radiation and chemotherapy. NADH can repair DNA and cells that have been damaged (8). (c) Oxidation and damage to the cell membrane. NADH acts as a strong biological antioxidant (9). NAD+ being the oxidised form of NADH can NEVER act as an antioxidant.



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December 2019

It is not just cold weather that chaps your lips


Winter is here and temperatures are dropping. Runny noses, sore throats and chapped lips are quite common during this cold time of the year. But what can be done about it?


Professor George Birkmayer’s NADH all-in-one LIPCARE helps prevent, treat and nourish chapped lips. The daily use of NADH lip balm gives your lips a pleasant feeling and protects them from the cold and from sunlight at the same time so that they do not get chapped in the first place. This is the only lip balm that contains NADH. It has no taste or scent, and all of its ingredients are certified organically grown and are therefore natural and vegan. If you apply it to your lips and the skin below your nose regularly, it will also reduce wrinkles in this area. Many people suffer from itchy and sometimes painful, red blisters in the area around their lips. Regular use of NADH LIPCARE stops herpes blisters from developing. NADH is a pure substance that strengthens the immune system and repairs damaged DNA while increasing energy production in every cell. It therefore helps you resist bacteria and viruses, which are easily transmitted by direct contact.


You can also use NADH LIPCARE on babies and children without hesitation because it is a natural product. NADH occurs naturally in the body, but we produce too little of it when we are stressed, ill or older. Being exposed to too much cold or sunshine, such as when walking, tobogganing or skiing, and especially when the sun reflects brightly from the snow, can make lips sensitive, chapped and cracked. The body absorbs NADH directly through the skin of the lips, which promotes healing. NADH LIPCARE also provides relief if a runny nose is irritating the skin just beneath it by protecting the skin and letting it heal.


Everything considered, this small golden stick should be a constant companion in everyone’s handbag and backpack during the winter.










November 2019

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

NADH – the biological alternative to Methylphenidate (Ritalin).


Demands on society are constantly growing. Students in particular are under tremendous pressure to perform. But what happens when continual tests increase this pressure? To go through these stressful periods successfully, students use way too much coffee as stimulant. Most students, however, resort to the chemical stimulant Ritalin.


Ritalin is a prescription medication that is given in particular to young people who suffer from ADHD. 80% of students in the US take Ritalin. The numbers in Europe are not significantly lower. However, the long-term usage of Ritalin can produce serious side effects, e.g. hallucinations, paranoid psychoses, anxiety and insomnia.


The question is whether there is an alternative. The answer is YES: NADH. It is scientifically proven that NADH, also known as Coenzyme-1, improves cognitive abilities like attention, concentration, visual perception and reaction time. This was shown in a study at Cornell University in New York. NADH is a naturally occurring substance without any side effects, as shown in more than 50 studies. You can take NADH your whole life without any habit-forming effect.


NADH also improves brain blood circulation and therefore oxygen supply, in particular in people with ADHD. The evidence for this was provided via computer tomography in a study in a neurological clinic in Mexico. People with ADHD had significantly reduced brain blood circulation (see 3 photos on the left). After only 2 weeks of treatment with NADH the brain blood circulation normalized (see 3 photos on the right).


Reference: „Macht Ritalin unsere Kinder süchtig, abhängig & dumm und vergiftet die Menschen?“; Univ. Prof. Dr. chem. Jörg George Birkmayer, 2016
Reference: „Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)“; The FASEB Journal express article 10; Univ. Prof. Dr. chem. Jörg George Birkmayer, April 2001









October 2019

Movement in Life

Cartilage in joints serves as a padding to prevent bones from constantly rubbing against each other. Cartilage does not contain blood vessels and nutrition is supplied via the synovial fluid. As a consequence it only receives limited oxygen and regenerates very slowly, if at all.


Researchers from the University of Freiburg (Germany) showed that NADH works like a vacuum cleaner sucking oxygen into the tissue twice as fast as under normal circumstances. Hence NADH increases the oxygen supply in the tissue and improves the regeneration of defective cartilage cells.


NADH in combination with the cartilage-regenerating substances glucosamine and chondroitin helps repair cartilage. Chondroitin protects cartilage from drying out and makes it more elastic. Glucosamine is needed for building and repairing cartilage. NADH increases the oxygen supply.


References: „Einfluss einer NADH Supplementation auf die muskuläre Energiebereitstellung beim Menschen” Grathwohl D, Klann M, Müller HM, Schlachter H und Berg A. Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin, 11/2000.
References: Prof. DDr. Jörg Birkmayer. Der biologische Wasserstoff das Geheimnis unserer Lebensenergie, S. 172 f.; 2015








September 2019

Depression and Burn-Out – what can you do?


About 300 million people around the world are suffering from depression, according to the World Health Organization. The so-called “Burn-out” syndrome is nothing more than exhaustion depression. Depression becomes more and more a widespread disease. Depression is the umbrella term for a change in mood, wellbeing and attitude towards life. The most important symptoms are: listlessness, lack of initiative, sleeplessness, hypochondriac disorders and anxiety. Known causes are a lack of the neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenaline and serotonine. “Depression is a lack of energy in the brain” (Prof. Walther Birkmayer, 1991). This lack of energy and the deficit in neurotransmitters can be resolved with NADH (Coenzyme-1). NADH is the coenzyme form of Niacin. A study showed that NADH can help with depression. In this study 205 people suffering from depression received a daily dose of 10 mg NADH over a period of 6 months. 93% of the participants showed improvement of symptoms up to 43%. Some described an improved emotional state after only 5 days of treatment. Others felt improvement after 4 weeks. Since 1991 thousands of people have taken NADH on a regular basis over an extended amount of time and reported positive effects on mental and physical states of exhaustion (fatigue).


References: PBirkmayer JGD, Birkmayer W: The reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) as biological antidepressive agent. Experience with 205 patients. New trends in Clinical Neuropharmacology 5:75-86, 1991
References: Birkmayer JGD: The Biological Hydrogen – The Secret of our Life Energy. 82-85, 2019








August 2019

NADH + L-Arginin


NADH plus L-ARGININ, the perfect combination of 2 endogenous substances! Especially nowadays where the detoxification of our body becomes more and more important.


L-Arginin is an alkaline amino acid that occurs only in small quantities in our body.
It occurs naturally in peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, soybeans, oats, cow’s milk, brown rice, chicken breast and pork. Certain medical conditions, however, require a higher amount of L-Arginin. The demand for L-Arginin also increases with age.


This combination product with L-Arginin opens up a new wide range of applications. For example, it improves blood circulation in athletes and the increased supply of nutrients thus achieved energizes muscle cells.


It helps with blood pressure problems and detoxification and supports a functioning immune system. Patients also reported improved sexual activity. In addition it can reduce arteriosclerosis.


A positive lasting effect can be observed after about eight weeks, if taken regularly.


A 2-year study with NADH plus L-Arginin performed by Prof. Alexandra Lazuk, MD, from Klinik Alm Medicine (Moscow) showed the following results:


Improvement in patients with

- glaucoma and macular degeneration
- myopia
- inflammation of the eye
- corneal ulcers
- night blindness
- memory impairment


Overall patients felt significantly better.


References: Prof. DDr. Jörg Birkmayer. Der biologische Wasserstoff das Geheimnis unserer Lebensenergie, S. 162-168; 2015
References: Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexandra Lazuk. Die positiven Auswirkungen von NADH Vision angewandt bei russischen Patienten, mit schweren Fällen von einigen Augenkrankheiten; Mallorca Kongress „Sogenannte unheilbare Krankheiten“; 2016











Juli 2019

Constant Energy Throughout the Day


Sleep is vital. A restful night sleep regenerates the body and clears the mind. Unfortunately there are millions of people worldwide who suffer from chronic fatigue. The US call this condition Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), in England it is known as Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME). CFS or ME result from insufficient energy in the cell. This overall lack of energy leads to a decrease in mental and physical performance. Factors like stress, alcohol, nicotine, sugar or artificial sweeteners worsen the condition.


We can help!


NADH is the biological hydrogen of our body, also known as coenzyme-1. It reacts with the oxygen in the cell. Through this, water and energy are produced. This energy is stored in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). As a consequence all cells receive more energy and function better. They can once more fulfill their tasks, e.g. improving blood circulation, repairing damaged DNA, strengthening the immune system, restoring the hormonal balance and fighting the free radicals. As shown in scientific studies (see, symptoms of CFS, like fatigue, sleep disorder, problems with memory and concentration disappeared in the majority of patients. Many patients also experienced improvement of their headaches, muscle weakness and fatigue after physical activity.


NADH is a safe biological substance that is sufficiently available when we are born, but decreases overtime. Taking 1-2 tablets a day can compensate this deficiency. The advantage is that you cannot overdose and that is has no interaction with medications and other dietary supplements.


Reference: Linda M. Forsyth, Harry G. Preuss, Ana L. MacDowell, Leonard Chiazze Jr., George D. Birkmayer, Joseph A. Bellanti. Therapeutic effects of oral NADH on the symptoms of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome; Reprinted from ANNALS OF ALLERGY,ASTHMA,IMMUNOLOGY; 02 1999Reference: Prof. DDr. Jörg Birkmayer. Die Wirkung von oralem NADH bei Symtomen des Chronischen Müdigkeitssyndroms; Journal für Orthomolekulare Medizin; 02 1999











June 2019

Summer – Sun – Sunburn


Especially during the hot summer months your skin needs to be protected from the harmful sunrays. NADH Skin Serum is exactly what you need! Not only is it beneficial for a healthy skin and protects it from the sun, it also does not contain any sun protection factors like titanium oxide. NADH is the biological form of hydrogen derived from food that together with oxygen in the cell produces energy and water. Liposomes serve as vesicles and transport NADH into the skin. There NADH reacts with oxygen and creates ATP Energy. The more NADH skin cells have available, the more energy they can produce, the better they function and the longer they stay vital. The lecithin liposomes that are used in NADH Skin Serum fuse with the cell membrane and transport NADH into the skin cells. There NADH can develop its energizing effect and repair DNA damaged by UV rays.


NADH Skin Serum is a new cosmetic with a patented formula. It protects against premature skin aging and repairs damaged skin cells caused by sunburn, allergic reactions and irritants. NADH Skin Serum means natural beauty. This product is applied transdermally, supplies energy, has a regenerative effect and leads to a fresh and rosy complexion.


Birkmayer, G.D.: NADH The Biological Hydrogen, The Secret of our Life Energy. Chapter 4 and 9, p.22 ff and p.153 ff (2019).











April 2019

NADH in gel form is effective for dental and oral mucosal problems


In an application observation with NADH in gel form from a dental clinic in Dusseldorf the following effects could be observed:


1. Gingivitis heals faster. 2. Gum bleedings stop faster. 3. Herpes blisters disappear after a few days. 4. The healing time for dental surgery is shortened by half. 5. The immune defense of the oral mucosa is strengthened.6. Torn corners of the mouth (angular cheilitis) heal faster.


The NADH in gel form can also be used preventively before dental surgery. In this preparation, NADH is trapped in liposomes, which due to their size can penetrate cells of the oral mucosa and regenerate the damaged tissue there.


A scientific study with NADH DENTAL Gel by Dr. med. dent. F.K. Mustafina (Moscow) has revealed the following findings:The originally increased density of the functioning capillaries decreased by 13% and by 25% in the marginal gums, and by 16% in the area of the umbilical fold. The diameter of the capillaries has also become smaller in all areas. The speed of blood flow increased by 36% and reached norm values.


Reference: Mustafina F.K., Mustafin T.K., Lasuk A.V. Computer-aided skin capillaroscopy - new diagnostic procedure in aesthetic medicine; Cosmetics and aesthetic medicine; 02 2018