June 2019

Summer – Sun – Sunburn


Especially during the hot summer months your skin needs to be protected from the harmful sunrays. NADH Skin Serum is exactly what you need! Not only is it beneficial for a healthy skin and protects it from the sun, it also does not contain any sun protection factors like titanium oxide. NADH is the biological form of hydrogen derived from food that together with oxygen in the cell produces energy and water. Liposomes serve as vesicles and transport NADH into the skin. There NADH reacts with oxygen and creates ATP Energy. The more NADH skin cells have available, the more energy they can produce, the better they function and the longer they stay vital. The lecithin liposomes that are used in NADH Skin Serum fuse with the cell membrane and transport NADH into the skin cells. There NADH can develop its energizing effect and repair DNA damaged by UV rays.


NADH Skin Serum is a new cosmetic with a patented formula. It protects against premature skin aging and repairs damaged skin cells caused by sunburn, allergic reactions and irritants. NADH Skin Serum means natural beauty. This product is applied transdermally, supplies energy, has a regenerative effect and leads to a fresh and rosy complexion.


Birkmayer, G.D.: NADH The Biological Hydrogen, The Secret of our Life Energy. Chapter 4 and 9, p.22 ff and p.153 ff (2019).


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May 2019

New dietary supplement for weight control


Spring is finally here. Now weight control is on the agenda, as a slim figure is not only more attractive, but also healthier.


With a dietary supplement containing NADH, guarana and green tea, you can achieve that.


Guarana and green tea have been shown in studies to lead to weight loss when taken regularly.


Guarana contains caffeine. The caffeine stimulates the metabolism and so the ingested food can be better utilized. In addition, the caffeine in Guarana has a filling effect and the appetite can also be restrained.


Several studies have shown that green tea extract stimulates fat burning, and green tea also contains caffeine, which activates the sympathetic nervous system and mobilizes storage fat.


NADH as biological hydrogen reacts with the oxygen present in each cell and produces the cellular energy storage ATP (Adenosintriphosphat). This increases the energy in all body cells and thus in the entire organism.


As a result, the human has more energy and is ready to move more.


An application study examined a combination product of NADH, guarana and green tea extract in 27 overweight persons (BMI > 30).


Without changing the diet a statistically significant weight reduction of 3kg was found.



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April 2019

NADH in gel form is effective for dental and oral mucosal problems


In an application observation with NADH in gel form from a dental clinic in Dusseldorf the following effects could be observed:


1. Gingivitis heals faster.
2. Gum bleedings stop faster.
3. Herpes blisters disappear after a few days.
4. The healing time for dental surgery is shortened by half.
5. The immune defense of the oral mucosa is strengthened.
6. Torn corners of the mouth (angular cheilitis) heal faster.


The NADH in gel form can also be used preventively before dental surgery. In this preparation, NADH is trapped in liposomes, which due to their size can penetrate cells of the oral mucosa and regenerate the damaged tissue there.


A scientific study with NADH DENTAL Gel by Dr. med. dent. F.K. Mustafina (Moscow) has revealed the following findings:
The originally increased density of the functioning capillaries decreased by 13% and by 25% in the marginal gums, and by 16% in the area of ​​the umbilical fold. The diameter of the capillaries has also become smaller in all areas. The speed of blood flow increased by 36% and reached norm values.


Reference: Mustafina F.K., Mustafin T.K., Lasuk A.V. Computer-aided skin capillaroscopy - new diagnostic procedure in aesthetic medicine; Cosmetics and aesthetic medicine; 02 2018